About Us – Who Are We?

A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane are a locally owned family business. A&J literally stands for Adam & Jenny, the two owners of the business. Whilst Jenny spends most of her time working in the background, Adam is the face most of you will be dealing with.


Adam first started learning about commercial cleaning 18 years ago whilst living in Shanghai, China. Back then, he was involved in a cleaning business with his father-in-law, cleaning inside and out. He learned many different cleaning techniques from a number of suppliers. Adam also had a day job, working at the Canadian Consulate. Adam & Jenny returned to Australia in 2004 when Jenny was pregnant with their third child. Many years have passed since and Adam has worked in white-collar jobs for much of that time but in 2016, Adam & Jenny decided it was time to get back into cleaning. In Jan 2017, Adam quit his job in real estate and set up A&J Pressure Cleaning, armed with the experience from overseas and new techniques learned from acquaintances.


With his accomplished career in a number of industries, including real estate, Adam has a strong understanding of the importance of maintaining your property. Cleaning is a simple and effective way of making a great first impression. Adam is certified in pressure cleaning/pressure washing by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA), in addition to holding a construction white card.


As testament to Adam and Jenny’s dedication to doing the best job possible, they were awarded the Pride of Workmanship Award by Rotary Club New Farm in 2017.


Today A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane continues to grow. We have recently introduced window cleaning as an additional service and we are always researching new, environmentally friendly and safer cleaning methods.


About Us – Equipped


Our vehicles are equipped with specialised pressure cleaning equipment. On board you’ll find:

  • 5,000psi / 23 litres per minute commercial-grade pressure cleaner, which is petrol powered. Great for hard surfaces.
  • 32 litres per minute AR30 diaphragm pump, petrol powered for use on softer surfaces.
  • Custom-built 12V softwash system.
  • On-board 1,000 litre water tank.
  • Trailer-mounted hose reels with 100m reach.
  • 20″ Whirl-A-Way roto-washer surface cleaner.
  • Various high pressure lances and spray tips.
  • Reverse Osmosis 2020X Window Pro window washing system with extendable poles able to reach 4 storeys from the ground.
  • A large array of specialised chemicals to tackle various stains and cleaning needs.
  • First aid kit.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety signage.


Pressure Cleaning Brisbane – We have the right equipment for every job – big and small

When it comes to pressure cleaning, having high pressure in combination with high water-flow is key to efficient cleaning. Our petrol engine pressure cleaner runs up to 5,000 psi at around 23 litres of water per minute. To put this into perspective, store bought electric pressure cleaners generally run at around 1,600 psi at around 10 litres of water per minute. Our machine is great for cleaning hard surfaces like driveways, paths, tiled areas and around swimming pools. High pressure machines like this can also be used to remove graffiti from walls and even strip paint.

In addition to our pressure cleaner, we also use two other bits of equipment:

Pressure cleaning does not always involve blasting with high amounts of water. Complimenting the pressure cleaner is our low pressure diaphragm pump, which runs at 40 Bar, or 580psi. This pump has a maximum open flow of 32 litres of water per minute. It is great for cleaning softer surfaces with a larger amount of water and perfect for cleaning dirty wooden decks and rinsing without damaging.

We also use a chemical soft wash system. Soft wash is great for walls, windows and paintwork which would be damaged by using high pressure to clean. The environmentally friendly solution is sprayed onto the surface and rinsed off shortly after. The chemical compound – a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and a surfactant which activates it further, cleans the surfaces whilst also killing mould and mildew. Soft washing your home is a great way to give it a fresh look. In most cases, customers who were thinking about re-painting their home didn’t feel the need after having it washed. Soft wash can also be used in combination with pressure cleaning in a commercial context. Shooting chemical through a special nozzle can reach heights of up to 12m vertically.


About Us – It’s only pressure cleaning, what could go wrong?


Not using the right equipment or not having the experience can leave your property looking worse than when you started. Sure, it might be cheaper, but it could end up costing you more in the long-run.

Call Adam today on 0402 339 658 or go to our contact us page for a free custom-made quote.


Adam Anderson

Phone: 0402 339 658

国语/粤语: 0411 100 344

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