House washing in Brisbane 

When was the last time you had your home cleaned?

For most people, their home is their single largest asset. Build up of dirt, pollution, bat and bird droppings, mould, algae, lichen and other contaminants can cause paint deterioration and cost a small fortune in repainting and repairs. Periodic cleaning and prolong the life of your exterior surfaces and improve the look of your home.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in providing the highest standard of service to ensure your needs are met. We utilise high end equipment with trained expertise to deliver the best possible result when using high pressure water to clear all sorts of surfaces. We cover the cleaning of gutters, eaves, soffits, walls, patio ceilings/railings, pergolas, floors and balustrades.We also provide rinses of deck and flooring as well as basic window and fly screen washes.


Apartment/Strata Cleaning

We cover ground floor courtyards, balconies (provided certain accessibility), exclusive use areas, removal of calcium and rust buildup for units and apartments.


Driveway and path clearing

Before and after photos of a residential driveway pressure clean.

The driveway is often the first impression visitors have of your home. We cater for a wide range of sizes and surfaces including concrete, exposed aggregate, tile, brick and many more in order to deliver that perfect impression. If you have any enquiries, feel free to reach out.


Mould removal and treatment 

Mould is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Typically mould builds up on areas that don’t get much sunlight, so after long periods of winter some of your beloved surfaces will fall victim to lichen, mould or other fungal blemishes. These issues can be removed with just high pressure, but we use a chemical solution in combination with high pressure to remove and kill the growth, preventing it from returning for a minimum of 12 months.


Hard water & Stain removal 

We have a wide assortment of chemicals to tackle all sorts of problems, but we also opt for environmentally friendly solutions when possible to reduce impact to your family and the ecosystem. These solutions, in combination with hard water, deliver high quality results when removing marks and stains.


Roof cleaning

This is a very specialised field, due not only to being hazardous, but additionally using the wrong techniques or equipment can cause serious damage to your property. We have years of experience in all types of roofs and infrastructure, while incorporating modern solutions such as drone technology to inspect your roof for preliminary analysis.


Concrete cleaning & sealing 

We use specialised surface cleaning technology to cover large areas in short amounts of time whilst providing flawless consistency. Different types of concrete require different treatments, we have the experience to recognise which equipment to use for your concrete to not only clean but ensure it doesn’t get damaged in the process. We recommend sealing after cleaning for longer lasting protection.


Brick cleaning

Brick cleaning is a very comprehensive field. Typically a lot of people use hydrochloric acid, which while effective, can have adverse side effects. Our cleaners have undergone certification and training to guarantee your bricks are cleaned to the highest standard. We use an acid replacement which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the harsher acids like hydrochloric acid. Our eco-friendly solution has the power of hydrochloric acid whilst performing better than phosphoric acid, without the risk of chemical burns, harmful fumes, corrosion and negative environmental impacts. It also eliminates the need to use high pressure on your delicate brickwork.


Timber deck cleaning, oiling and staining

Timber decks are expensive to build and need to be looked after properly. We utilise specialised cleaning equipment combined with the appropriate environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure the best possible results.


Graffiti removal 

Graffiti can be extremely difficult to remove, especially from painted surfaces without the right solutions and know-how. We have years of experience removing graffiti with high end equipment and chemical eco-friendly solutions.


Tennis Court cleaning

Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques, we ensure that we use the best one for you to have that perfect game.


Sandstone cleaning and sealing 

Sandstone is a delicate material and needs to be treated with appropriate care. Being a very porous surface, it is susceptible to mould. We’ve had years providing care and cleaning to a wide range of sandstone surfaces.


Glass fences and windows 

We use reverse osmosis pure water systems for streak free glass cleaning.