Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, A&J Pressure Cleaning has Public Liability Insurance up to $10 million. We can provide you with details if needed.
The short answer is yes, we can. A&J Pressure Cleaning has invested in specialised reverse osmosis equipment for cleaning windows, glass, signs, plastic panels, wood, rendered walls and more.
window cleaning pressure cleaning
Our business is set up to be able to handle a variety of jobs, from residential to commercial and industrial. No job is too small and we are yet to encounter a job too big. For larger jobs, we have alliances with other pressure cleaning operators who have similar equipment and values as we do.

Broadly speaking however, the services we offer are:
House / building washing
Driveway / path / carpark cleaning
Roof washing
Mould & lichen treatment and removal
Concrete cleaning and sealing
Tennis court cleaning
Brick cleaning (acid washing for new bricks and pressure cleaning for older)
Sandstone cleaning
Block wall / fence cleaning
Glass / window cleaning
School ground / play equipment cleaning
Graffiti removal
Stain treatments
Factory cleaning

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All jobs have different parameters and may require a variety of techniques. As a general rule of thumb, we don’t use high pressure on painted or softer surfaces unless we are trying to strip the surface. These surfaces are best cleaned by use of specialised chemical soft wash. However, harder surfaces such as concrete, stone and brick can be pressure cleaned. We have surface cleaners for covering larger areas quickly and efficiently and hand-held lances with a variety of attachments for more delicate work. We have experience with numerous specialise chemicals for treating different types of stains. We also use reverse osmosis for cleaning glass – a process whereby nasty contaminants are removed from water, making it pure and leaving the cleaned surface spot free.
Each job is different however and where possible we would prefer to inspect before quoting to ensure we use the right technique for you.
Our main pressure cleaner can produce up to 5,000psi. That’s a lot of pressure! Most people however wrongly assume that you need more pressure to do the job better. In fact, water flow is just as important.
A higher water flow combined with high pressure will give a quicker and superior clean. Our main pressure cleaner operates at 23 litres per minute. To put that into perspective, most home pressure cleaners which people are familiar with, i.e. Karchers or Gurnis produce between 1,200-1,500 psi and have a water flow rate of about 8 litres per minute. These are fine for smaller jobs such as washing your car but for anything larger, it’s like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand – you’ll get the job done, just not as quickly or as well.
Most people don’t realise just how dirty their place is until it’s clean. The truth is it will get dirty again. How dirty depends on a number of environmental factors. However, regular cleaning will help maintain the life of your property. It will also prolong the need to repaint – which is certainly more expensive than cleaning your house.
We generally carry enough water with us so that we can start work straight away. Most jobs require more water than we can physically carry. We will need a water connection near where our truck is parked.
As pressure cleaning specialists, we are constantly striving to improve. Our director and lead pressure cleaning specialist Adam Anderson, first started learning exterior cleaning techniques 18 years ago whilst living in Shanghai, China. At that time, he was involved in a start-up cleaning business and spent many hours with suppliers learning. Whilst he has not always been pressure cleaning since then, he has had an accomplished career in several areas including real estate, which has provided him with a strong understanding of the importance of maintaining your property.
Adam has also kept his finger on the pulse of the pressure cleaning industry and decided to once again start a cleaning business in Brisbane, implementing techniques used overseas, particularly in the USA where the industry is far more advanced than it is locally. In addition, Adam is certified in pressure cleaning / pressure washing by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) as well as holding a construction white card.
As testament to Adam’s dedication, he was awarded the Pride of Workmanship Award by the Rotary Club of New Farm in 2017.

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We don’t really work set hours – it’s more a case of doing what we have to, when we have to. Obviously it’s easier to do a job when we can see it clearly, but understand that clocking off a shopping centre carpark during the day or cleaning a car dealership whilst customers are walking in and out is not practical, which is why we also work weekends and nights where needed.
The good news is you don’t have to be there whilst we clean. As long as we have clear access to the areas that need cleaning and access to a tap, we can work unsupervised. We also ask that where possible pets are kept inside or away from the area being cleaned, vehicles are moved and windows and doors closed. We take before and after pictures of our work and can provide these to you if requested.
Once we have completed our work, we will contact you if you’re not onsite and will await your instructions for securing the property before leaving.
Yes. Most jobs require some form of specialised chemical treatment. We carry a number of commercial grade chemicals commonly used for cleaning with us. We have researched extensively many types of chemicals to find the ones which are safest, most effective and eco-friendly. We always practise safe handling of chemicals.
Yes. We have confidence in our ability and take pride in our work. If the job has not been completed to your satisfaction or you notice something isn’t as we said it would be within a month of the original clean, simply give us a call and we’ll come back and fix it up.
In relation to mould and lichen removal, particularly on roofs, we provide a 12 month guarantee against it returning from the original date of cleaning. If you notice it returning within that 12 month period, simply call us and we will come back to fix it for free – no questions asked.
If handled incorrectly, damage can occur. We take every precaution in order to prevent this from happening as we realise how much love goes into growing and nurturing your garden.
Talk to us first before making a decision. There is always someone who will do a job for less. If you look long and hard enough, you’ll possibly find someone willing to do it for free. The real question you should be asking is not why we are charging that amount, but why is the other company so cheap? Then ask:
– Do they have the right equipment to give you the results you are looking for?
– Do they have the experience and know-how to do the job properly?
– Are they insured? The last thing you want is damage to your property that you will need to repair yourself.
– Are they willing to guarantee their work?
Fixing someone else’s mistakes can be more costly than doing it properly first time around.