A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane offer a wide range of services to cater for both residential and commercial cleaning needs. Each quote that we make is tailor-made to your needs to ensure that each customer gets the very best service. Sometimes combining services can save you money, as we save on trips out to your place.

Exterior House Washing

Everyone wants their place to look good. Regular house washing is a cost-effective way to ensure it stays looking good for longer. The fact is, most people don’t realise how dirty their home is until it’s been cleaned. And, most people don’t realise that the dirt and mould on their house is actually damaging the paintwork and potentially their health. Having your house washed yearly can prolong the time between painting, saving you money.


However, if done incorrectly with the wrong equipment, your house wash can do more damage than good. Blasting your house with high pressure can do more damage than good. Different surfaces require different cleaning methods and knowledge of which chemicals to use on which surface – and how much to use. That’s why A&J Pressure Cleaning use custom-designed and built equipment to wash your house right. We use a low pressure soft wash, with the right blend of environmentally friendly chemicals to kill mould, algae and other contaminates that grow on the exterior of your house.


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Roof Cleaning

A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane offer roof cleaning and pressure cleaning services in and around Brisbane. Regardless of what material your roof is made from, it is constantly Don’t let mould, algae, lichen and moss take over your roof. If left alone, these organisms can damage the surface of your roof, deteriorate the paint and can even affect energy loss by reducing the effectiveness of the roof’s natural reflective qualities. All of this will end up costing you lots of money.


DIY methods are often very tempting for homeowners because of cost. However there are disadvantages. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you can cause all sorts of damage to the roof, resulting in huge amounts of money to repair. Not to mention the danger of being on your roof, especially if you have little or no experience in working at heights. A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane have trained professionals who are able to ensure each job is done right first time.


A&J Pressure Cleaning Brisbane use a combination of methods to clean your roof. The method depends on its condition and the type of dirt on it. In almost every instance, the roof will be given a soft wash with a light environmentally friendly chemical. This will help kill and remove and mould, lichen and moss from the roof. Colourbond steel roofs and terracotta tiled roofs in good condition respond well to an additional bit of pressure. However painted concrete tiles, particularly those that have been left unattended for years will often show signs of peeling paint, once the mould has been removed with the soft wash. For this reason, painted concrete tiles are usually only soft washed, as the pressure would take off too much paint, leaving the roof looking patchy.


The cost of having your roof cleaned will depend on a number of factors. Things such as the type of material it is made from, the condition it is in, the pitch and importantly the size. When you choose to have your roof cleaned, think about how much you are saving by extending its lifespan.


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Driveway Cleaning